About Debbie Lennon

Tommy Lennon’s mother, Debbie, is a passionate advocate for people who suffer from traumatic brain injury, mental illness, drug addiction and homelessness.

She has worked in police crisis intervention training and was one of ten spokespeople at the tobacco allotment hearing, gaining an additional $600,000 for mental health programs.

Debbie has spent time on the N.A.M.I. housing board for the mentally ill and the homeless. She attained signatures to help initiate and pass proposition 63, an initiative specifically for raising funds for mental health.

Debbie has spoken at several twelve step programs and recovery homes, and recently advocated for her County Supervisor in converting an old jail into a secured mental health facility. The project was rejected and postponed.

The Lennon family would like to say a special thanks to sergeant Mark Stadler of the Ventura Police Department for his dedication to the Crisis Intervention Training program.

The Lennon family thanks you for letting them share their experience, strength and hope, so that we can all live in a more caring, compassionate world.

“If someone is affected by Traumatic Brain Injury, Mental Illness, Drug Addiction or Homelessness, excellent resources can bring healing, hope, and dignity to their lives.”

Find Traumatic Brain Injury research and recovery programs at: www.vadrs.org/cbs/biscis.htm

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (N.A.M.I.): www.nami.org

Crisis Intervention Trained Police: www.memphispolice.org

Families of Soldiers Traumatic Brain Injury: www.nashia.org 1-888-774-1361

Families anonymous twelve-step program and resources: 1-800-736-9805